Applock - Fingerprint Pro review

Applock - Fingerprint Pro

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AppLock is a security app that locks any app on your phone. With AppLock, you can lock your Gallery, Contacts, SMS, Gmail, and other apps, while keeping them safe in case your phone gets stolen or lost. AppLock gives you peace of mind, knowing that your phone's private apps are safe.


Applock is a highly advanced app for Android devices that is designed to help you protect your data from being accessed by other people. It allows you to secure all your data with just a single app. It enables you to lock any app on your device that you want, as well as protect your private information with a secure and encrypted vault.


Applock offers a variety of features, including the ability to lock your apps and files with a password or fingerprint scan, to lock any app, and any file. You can also be sure that nobody will be able to see your private content, and that Applock offers the best way to protect your phone.

The app features a full-fledged system to prevent stealthy uninstall attempts, which is a common problem with most Android devices.
You can use AppLock to lock your phone, providing an extra layer of protection. When someone tries to access your phone, they'll be prompted to unlock it with their passcode, pattern, or fingerprint before they can access your private apps.

The AppLock app allows you to set a different password for each individual app. The app also has an in-app camera to take photos of intruders. This will help you to identify the intruder in case someone tampers with your phone.


The AppLock app offers a simple and intuitive interface. It comes with a number of interesting features that will ensure your privacy. The AppLock app also has a ‘dark mode’ option which will help you to use the app at night.

Very Useful Options

The AppLock app also has a ‘recovery email’ option. This will help you to recover your apps if you forget the password. You can also use the AppLock app to backup the application. This will ensure that you can recover it in case of a loss of data. 


AppLock is a security application for Android and iOS that locks your applications from prying eyes. The application provides in-depth security for your phone and secures your data and your privacy. It is an ad-free, simple and effective app that offers added protection for your apps.

Applock is a powerful tool that helps you safeguard your privacy by locking and hiding your apps and important files. It’s the best solution for protecting your privacy and important files if you want to share your phone with others.



  • It is free and easy to use
  • It has a strong password-protected interface
  • It has a variety of tools
  • Organizes and protects files.


  • Applock cannot be turned off, only disabled
  • Need to lock every app individually.


Applock - Fingerprint Pro Applock - Fingerprint Pro
Applock - Fingerprint Pro
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