A Guide to All Special Items in Bioshock Infinite

  • 19-06-2024 |
  • Chris Harris

Bioshock Infinite, a first-person shooter game known for its rich storytelling and tight action sequences, draws in players with its intricate gameplay mechanics. To fully traverse and understand this elaborate universe, players need to be well-versed in the various special items available in the game. This comprehensive manual will navigate you through the standout features of all significant items in Bioshock Infinite, elaborating their roles and optimal usage strategies.


Vigors are the magical powers in Bioshock Infinite that enable the users to perform various special abilities. There are eight Vigors in total, each having two upgrade levels. They can be bought from vending machines around Columbia and upgraded by using the Silver Eagles - the currency system within the game.


Infusions serve as the upgrade system for the player character, Booker DeWitt. They can enhance his health and shield or salt levels. Located throughout Columbia, players need to explore and scour each area to find these valuable bottles.


Bioshock Infinite

The Sky-Hook is more than just an essential tool in Bioshock Infinite; it is the backbone of the player's navigation and combat systems within the game. This special item comes across as an unassuming mechanical arm, yet it houses a complexity that can give players the edge they need in various situations.

As a melee weapon, the Sky-Hook is incredibly potent. Booker DeWitt, the main character of Bioshock Infinite, uses it with lethal efficiency, allowing players to execute swift attacks on opponents. This element of the Sky-Hook provides a formidable addition to the player's arsenal and ensures that they always have a direct means of defense, even when other resources are low.

However, it is the Sky-Hook's unparalleled transportation capabilities that truly set it apart. In the floating city of Columbia, Sky-Lines crisscross the skies, providing a network of transport lines. The Sky-Hook effortlessly hooks onto these lines and enables players to traverse large sections of the city. This effective mode of transportation creates a dynamic gameplay experience and forms part of the game's unique appeal.

Bioshock Infinite

Finally, the Sky-Hook holds substantial tactical advantages, particularly during combat scenarios. With it, players can surprise opponents by striking from above or quickly changing their position in the heat of battle. It brings a layer of versatility that encourages innovative combat strategies, and mastering its use can significantly improve one's performance in the game.


In Bioshock Infinite, Gear serves as a form of equipment that enhances the capabilities of the player character, Booker DeWitt. Far from being mere decorative additions, Gear offers passive bonuses that can significantly impact and shape your gameplay experience. Understanding the intricacies of these bonuses can give players an edge in navigating the challenges of Bioshock Infinite.

The effect of Gear spans a broad spectrum of enhancements that can serve nuanced strategies. For instance, some Gear can grant Booker with damage enhancements, ramping up his offensive capabilities in combat. Others boost his defenses by bolstering his health regeneration, allowing for better sustainability in the face of enemy encounters. These passive traits reveal the unique perks that thoughtful use of Gear can bring.

Bioshock Infinite

It's important to note that there are a total of four slots available for Gear. Each slot corresponds to a category: Hats, Shirts, Pants, and Boots. This design allows for a mix-and-match approach, giving players the freedom to modify and test out different combinations to best suit their play style. Consequently, it adds a layer of customization and complexity to the game that can be delightfully rewarding for meticulous players.

Finally, collecting this Gear is an adventure in itself. Throughout the sprawling city of Columbia, players will find gift boxes tucked away in various locations. Finding these gift boxes is both a reward for thorough exploration and an incentive to scour every nook and cranny of the game's setting. Each discovered piece of Gear not only boosts Booker's powers, but it also adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the progression of the game.


At the heart of every thrilling encounter in Bioshock Infinite, an arsenal of distinctive weapons lays waiting to be wielded. The game presents a wide array of weapons, each carrying its unique attributes and providing varied options for combat. Not only do these weapons add depth to the intimidating combat system, they also play a key role in defining individual play styles.

The weapon variety in Bioshock Infinite is impressive, offering several choices to the players. Offering an array of weaponry - from the classic rifles and shotguns to more unique gear such as sky-hooks and crows, the game fosters an environment of experimentation to discover what suits your playing style best. Such diversity maintains a vivid combat environment, providing players with the opportunity to tackle each encounter in distinctive manners.

Bioshock Infinite

In the chaotic city of Columbia, players will stumble upon Power to the People stations. These locations serve as the hub for enhancing the prowess of your weapons. Players can invest their in-game currency to pump up the power of their chosen weaponry, making them even more lethal and effective in battle.

When it comes to weapon upgrades, the game offers a robust system. Be it increasing the damage output to make your shots count more, expanding the clip size to allow for longer bouts of fire, or enhancing the reload speed for that smooth and swift recharging during adrenaline-charged fights, there's a lot to work upon. Each upgrade brings a noticeable improvement in the weapon's performance, providing players with a rewarding sense of progression.

Overall, the weapons in Bioshock Infinite are more than mere tools for destruction. They play a crucial part in the game's strategy, pushing players to think, adapt, and skillfully handle their arsenal to gain the upper hand in Columbia's challenging battles.


Understanding the special items in Bioshock Infinite is crucial to thriving in the unique world of Columbia. Whether you're turning foes into walking time bombs with Vigors or giving Booker that much-needed edge with Gear and Infusions, mastering these items and how they work is the key to mastering Bioshock Infinite.