Kickstarting Your Battle Skills: Exoprimal’s Best Nimbus Build Guide

  • 20-07-2023 |
  • Chris Harris

The mythical world of Exoprimal is packed with intense battles and face-paced action. Fierce combats call for strong defenses and abilities, and this is where the Nimbus suits come into play. With a vast selection of RIGs and modules, you can customize Nimbus to suit your gaming style or meet a specific combat requirement. Below, we present some of the top RIGs and module configurations that can give you an edge in your Exoprimal journey.

Best Nimbus RIGs

RIGs cast a vital impact on your Nimbus suit's performance. Here are two of the most effective selections:


The Aid RIG is every player's best friend during high-stake battles. It provides a boost in the healing ability, amplifying the effectiveness of medical modules and ensuring that your suit remains fit and fighting through intense battles.


The Shield RIG is all about protection. It adds a defensive layer to your suit, reducing damage from enemy attacks and making it an essential addition for engaged fights.

Nimbus Exoprimal

Best Nimbus Modules

These are the components that add specific abilities to your suit, enhancing its efficiency in different areas.

Module 1 – N01 Speed Shot

This module boosts the faster delivery of shots, increasing damage outputs in a short period. In heavy combat scenarios, the N01 Speed Shot could make a notable difference in your combat strategy.

Module 2 – N Amped Spread

The N Amped Spread increases the attack area, causing maximum damage to a group of enemies. This module is quite effective in crowded combat situations.

Module 3 – Quick Holo

Another effective module for the Nimbus suit, the Quick Holo, reduces the holograms' refresh time, enabling a quicker rotation of diversions and confusion in the battlefield.

Nimbus Build For Increasing Healing

Best Nimbus Build For Increasing Healing

The healing Nimbus build prioritizes keeping your teammates alive and well through intense battles, drawing on the healing-focused modules and rigs to maximize this feature.


The Recharge Module is a crucial component in this build. This module improves the recharge speed of your healing device, enabling more frequent healing of teammates during battle. Combine this with the Extended Support Module, increasing the reach of your healing to deliver effective support even in large-scale conflicts.


In terms of rigs, the Enhanced Support Rig is invaluable as it further boosts the healing output. Pair it with the Lifesaver Rig that provides temporary invulnerability to the healed teammate, providing them an essential breather during a fierce battle.

Nimbus Build For Increasing Damage

Best Nimbus Build For Increasing Damage

When it comes to dishing out damage, the Nimbus model has a lethal array of modules and rigs at its disposal.


The Power Surge Module plays an essential role in this build, providing an immediate damage boost after using an ability. To gain the upper hand from the outset, use the Preemptive Strike Module, which grants bonus damage at the start of the encounter.


For rigs to supplement damage output, the Enhanced Offense Rig increases damage dealt by a significant margin. The Brawler Rig complements this by increasing melee damage and may be pivotal in close-quarter combats.

Nimbus Build For Point Scoring

Best Nimbus Build For Point Scoring

For those aiming to tot up the points, certain modules and rigs can assist in achieving a high score.


To increase points scored, players should opt for the Score Multiplier Module, which increases the base score per action. When aiming to attain a high score, the Combat Combo Module can be beneficial, offering extra points per combo hit in combat.


When it comes to rigs, go for the Focus Rig. This rig increases the score gained from each enemy defeated by area effect abilities. Use this in conjunction with the Ace Rig, which boosts the score from defeating boss-level enemies, to maximize the points gathered.

Nimbus General Module Options

Best Nimbus General Module Options

To further modify your Nimbus suit, consider:

Crisis Module

In tight spots, a Crisis Module proves useful by boosting the suit's abilities to maneuver through difficult combat situations.

Crafter's Module

This module is handy in building new modules, providing a noticeable sway in the game progression.

Regeneration Module

With the Regeneration Module, players get a chance to regenerate health over time, a useful tool to maintain the long-term durability of your Nimbus Suit.

Mastering the Art of Unleashing Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal

Unlocking the Nimbus suit in Exoprimal requires clear completion of the opening quests. Players must progress through the initial levels of the game to unlock the opportunity to equip the powerful Nimbus suit.

Exoprimal Nimbus

How to Customize Nimbus in Exoprimal

Customizing the Nimbus involves picking and choosing between different RIGs and modules to suit your game style. Access the suit customization option through your menu and browse through available options to create your perfect setting.

How to Unlock Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal

RIGs and modules can be unlocked by earning XP points through game performance. Completing missions, winning challenges, and performing well in battles can provide substantial XP that can unlock desired RIGs and modules.

In conclusion, Exoprimal offers countless ways to familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics, and understanding the Nimbus suit customization can enhance the game experience. Remember, there’s no perfect configuration – it all depends on your game strategy and battle plans. Happy customizing!