Mastering the Desert: Top 10 Councilors in Dune: Spice Wars

  • 01-09-2023 |
  • Chris Harris

Stepping into the hostile world of the Arrakis planet is no easy task and demands strategic line-ups that can complement your playstyle and faction choice in "Dune: Spice Wars." Among the numerous elements to consider for success, the choice of Councilors plays a vital role. Let’s dive into understanding the top 10 Councilors in the game and how they can be the key to dominating the Spice Wars.

Piter De Vries

Piter De Vries top

Piter De Vries, a rogue Mentat, fills the role of Harkonnen’s spymaster adeptly. Unfettered by ethical boundaries, De Vries excels in stealth and intelligence gathering. When he's on board, you'll experience enhanced Intel generation and better management of fuel cells for your Stealth Probes, besides getting a resource boost with enemy faction agents.

Lakin Nefud

Captain Iakin Nefud, albeit a Semuta addict, presents as a formidable councilor. His prowess in return-on-investment strategies for your units (more so when they are defeated) contributes to a superior cost management approach, enhancing your strength in warfare significantly.

Lingar Bewt

As a shrewd and resourceful businessman, Lingar Bewt provides a disrupting combination of resource and health management benefits for the Smugglers faction. With him, you'll have improved access to water production and healing capabilities, which can be a game-changer on the desolate planet.

Duncan Idaho

Dune Spice Wars Duncan Idaho

Duncan Idaho serves as the loyal, multifaceted councilor for House Atreides. His abilities focus on improving recruitment costs and time, upkeep, and annexation costs, making him perfect for a passive-aggressive strategy of town control and military unit management.


Known for loyalty and wisdom, Fremen’s Othelyn helps accentuate your combat proficiency. With significant enhancements in movement speed and power, your military units emerge stronger to conquer the desert challenges.

Hasimir Fenring

An intriguing figure with a history in Mentat training and assassination, Hasimir Fenring lends his exceptional skills to House Corrino. He allows access to Discoveries without agents and broadens developmental investments when truce agreements are in place, providing an edge in diplomatic and investigative endeavors.

Stilgar Ben Fifrawi

Renowned leader Stilgar Ben Fifrawi brings his understanding of Arrakis tribes and reputation to the Fremen’s table. He enhances authority and reduces upkeep costs in spice-containing regions, freeing up critical resources for other activities.

Stilgar Ben Fifrawi

Lady Jessica

The influential Bene Gesserit sister, Lady Jessica, specializes in diplomatic avenues. Her enhanced influence can be crucial in carving powerful treaties and alliances and augmenting the standing of House Atreides in the Lansraad.

Feyd Rautha

Feyd Rautha, a charismatic leader with a dark twist, brings unique advantages to House Harkonnen. His capacity to bring about corruption within enemy lines and boost influence production under oppression makes him a versatile councilor, especially in times of conflict.

Princess Irulan

The ambitious potential leader of the Empire, Princess Irulan, added significant power to House Corrino with her vote amplification and alliances with neutral sietches. Her political acumen makes House Corrino a formidable force both in and outside the council chambers.

In conclusion, the choice of councilors plays a critical role in shaping your journey in Dune: Spice Wars. Choosing the right combination of councilors can sway the tide of the game in your favor, making your moves more potent and your strategies more triumphant. Remember, every councilor brings unique skills to the table – leverage these abilities wisely to master the spice wars and reign supreme in Arrakis.