The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking and Mastering Destiny 2 Classes and Subclasses

  • 12-02-2023 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

With the launch of Destiny 2, Bungie has added a new range of classes, subclasses, skills, and abilities for you to customize your character. Choosing the right class is the first step in creating your own Guardian in this sci-fi shooter game. Whether you want to create a powerful Warlock or an agile Hunter - we’ve put together a guide on how to get started with each class and subclass in Destiny 2. Here are our top tips for mastering each class type:

1. Titans – The Front Line Guardians

Titans are your heavy-duty front-line fighters as they can take more damage than any other class due to their armor which makes them ideal for crowd control or taking out enemies from afar with ranged weapons like shotguns or rifles. They also have access to several defensive abilities that allow them to protect themselves against incoming fire while providing support for teammates during battle. Their melee attack is devastatingly strong but requires finesse when timing correctly, as it can leave you vulnerable if used at the wrong time or place.
Subclass options include Sentinel (defensive), Striker (offensive), and Sunbreaker (ranged).

2. Warlocks – The Elemental Warriors

Warlocks are powerful magical warriors who use elemental energy such as Void, Solar, and Arc powers depending on their chosen subclass option—Voidwalker, Dawnblade, or Stormcaller, respectively—to bring down even the toughest foes quickly and efficiently from afar using their special abilities like Nova Bomb or Blink Strike amongst others. With enough practice, Warlocks can become even stronger by unlocking additional bonuses through skill tree nodes, which will help them deal even more damage in combat situations, making them invaluable team members during raids or Crucible matches!

3. Hunters – The Stealthy Assassins

Hunters offer players a unique stealthy approach towards tackling enemies thanks to their agility, allowing them not just to move around faster than other classes but also hide effectively when needed so they can ambush unsuspecting adversaries before they know what hit them! They have access to three different subclasses; Gunslinger (firearms-focused), Nightstalker (support), and Arcstrider (melee-focused), all offering different methods of tackling opponents depending on one’s playstyle preference, making these versatile characters suited for both PVP encounters as well solo missions alike!

7 Tips For Perfecting Each Class & Subclass In Destiny 2

Mastering Destiny 2 Classes

Now that you know about each class, let’s go over some useful tips that will help you make the most out of whichever one you choose:

1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each class

Before choosing a class or subclass, it's important to understand. There are three classes in Destiny 2: hunter, titan, and mage; each has its unique abilities. Hunters are agile warriors who specialize in ranged combat using bows or sniper rifles; they have many tricks up their sleeves, such as throwing knives or smoke bombs, which can be used for offense and defense, depending on the situation. Titans use heavy armor, shields, launchers, and weapons; they also have defensive abilities, such as the Dawn Weapon, which make them hard to defeat when protecting allies from harm or targets from destruction. Warlocks are masters of elemental power; they use void energy to vaporize enemies with powerful blasts and support allies with healing wells of energy known as rifts.

2. Choose your playstyle wisely

Knowing your playstyle is important when choosing a class/subclass for your Guardian character - do you prefer close-quarters combat? Long-range combat? Or something completely different? Depending on how you want to play the game, it will depend on what gear best suits your style: if you prefer long-range combat, consider equipping an exotic sniper rifle along with arc grenades and destructive projectiles; if you prefer close-quarters combat, equip shotguns and Fusion rifles along with pulse grenades and time-mines (for example).

Destiny 2 game Classes and Subclasses

3. Use elemental damage types

Each weapon type has a different elemental type associated with it - Sun damage increases against Fallen enemies, and Void damage increases against Cabal enemies (and so on). Knowing what types of enemies are most often encountered in certain zones allows players to better plan their actions by equipping weapons that match the enemy's weakness - using these tactics can greatly increase the effectiveness of battles! Don't forget about superpowers either - these special attacks use only one type of element, which means the right timing of their use during combat can play a crucial role in victory or defeat!

4. Know your subclasses thoroughly

When choosing subclasses, it's important to understand how they work together: some combinations give players access to various advantages, such as increased reload speed, while others significantly reduce grenade timing (for example). Becoming familiar with the different subclasses and knowing what perks go with them helps greatly improve efficiency during battles! Knowing which grenades complement which subclasses can also be useful, especially considering how versatile these items can be - a combination of knowledge and skillful application quickly turns even low-level Guardians into formidable opponents!

5 Maximize mobility options

Consider the mobility options available - ground pogroms vs. glide boosters, etc. Considering what terrain to traverse adds another level of depth when planning strategy before attacking an enemy - mastering maneuverability greatly reduces the chances of being caught off guard by surprises in the middle of combat... and nobody wants that to happen, right? Also, don't forget the sparrows - these fast vehicles allow you to travel long distances quickly, allowing Guardians to attack in multiple places at once, making them invaluable tools for successful missions... Plus, they look pretty cool ;)

6 Equip gear that suits you 

Equip gear according to individual preference, having enough variety of choices so that users never get bored playing the same build twice... also always experiment with new things to see what works best in the current state of the environment because there is nothing worse than relying on outdated information without being aware of the changes going on around us ;) Finding the right balance between offense and defense gives a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that we can prepare for whatever happens... remember to keep your eyes open so that everyone around you is aware of possible threats and dangers lurking in the shadows.

7 Test different load options

Regularly testing different load options allows users to stay sharp, stay competitive with other adversaries, to continually hone their skills... This also applies to finding new, more efficient ways to perform tasks faster and more accurately than traditional methods The familiarization process takes time, but the results are worth the effort of the experimentation phase.