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Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer action game based on Hello Neighbor. Players will play the role of children trying to get into the basement to a neighbor. The catchy moment is that one of them is a disguised neighbor.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay of the game is quite simple and understandable for everyone who played in this genre. The location is a house and its surroundings. A group of children is trying to get into the basement of a suspicious neighbor's house to save a missing friend. The only problem is that one of the children is a traitor, a neighbor disguised as a child. His task is to gain the trust of other players and betray them. Children win if they fall into the basement. The neighbor’s purpose is to catch such a lousy and throw them away, preventing the characters from reaching the wanted keys. This is extremely exciting and there is a certain balance that allows you to have fun playing for both children and a neighbor. In total, they give fifteen minutes per round, so the game keeps you in suspense and doesn’t last long.

Visuals 9/10

The virtual graphics world of Secret Neighbor excites from the first sight. The developers spent a lot of time and effort in showing us the cool product. Literally, in every location, there is plenty of details, rooms, doors, drawers, books, all sorts of shelves, and drawers that complement the atmosphere. Besides, excellent work was done on lighting - lights, lamps, darkened locations. You even will have a flashlight, which not only helps in the search but also is a conditional means of protection from a neighbor. 

The development of locations at such a high level cannot but rejoice, especially if you are a big fan of such graphics and want to enjoy the setting of the game-cartoon. The atmosphere is incredibly attractive thanks to the well-developed design.

Replay Value 10/10

Since the Secret Neighbor game has a huge number of characters and it is possible to play for a neighbor and for children, it is impossible to stop playing it. You can choose any children’s character and replay every time. There are such as detective, brave, leader, inventor, scout, and backpacker. Besides, you can play for the neighbor Theodore Peterson. Each of them has its own responsibilities and performs its functions. It is very exciting to go through the game from each of the participants to feel the importance of each of the characters. 

Controls 9/10

This game provides an opportunity to experience that resembles the console playing. The joystick and buttons system is very simple and enjoyable to use. For example, the most important and frequent buttons to use are: 

  • E - use an object, raise an object, attack, open/close doors
  • Space - jump
  • Left mouse button - use the object in your hands, reverse transformation, look in the closet.

If you are not sure that you know all the controls, in the lower right corner of the screen you will find tips for the subject that you are currently holding.


The developers pleased with a rather cool product - the Secret Neighbor game seems to be simple, clear, and easy to understand, and it brings the heaps of emotions. This is especially beneficial if you play in the company of friends, and the neighbor is an experienced player.


  • Great combination with Hello Neighbor
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Good graphics with simple mechanics
  • Multiplayer game.


  • Lack of a game search function with friends in one lobby
  • Mobile versions get updated later.


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor
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